Welcome to RealTime’s series of interdisciplinary theatrical portraits that celebrate the personalities, lived experiences and personal histories of ordinary extraordinary Pittsburghers. Each show unites artists from different disciplines and mediums, challenging them to collaboratively craft a work that captures a Pittsburgh-area resident, and encouraging innovations in form and content to express the uniqueness of a human being. Because everyone, if you look closely enough, is a work of art. 

The subjects are everyday Pittsburghers– not folks who are ‘Pittsburgh famous’ or widely recognized; and starting in 2024, the public will be part of nominating the subjects of the shows. 

Click here to discover the first People of Pittsburgh: The Alchemist of Sharpsburg, created by lead artists Rusty Thelin and Emmanuelle Wambach, April 2022.

Click here to learn more about People of Pittsburgh II: The Constellationist, created by lead artists Molly Rice and Christine Bethea with a community devising ensemble.

Photo credits, this page: Lish Danielle, Laura Petrilla, Pixelab Studios, Alaina Webber, Ebony Woodard