THANK YOU Pittsburgh for an AMAZING run of “People of Pittsburgh II:

The Constellationist!”

July 12-16, 2023, RealTime Arts (formerly RealTime Interventions) presented the World Premiere of People of Pittsburgh II: The Constellationist— an audio/performance theatrical experience celebrating the life of an extraordinary ordinary Pittsburgher: Mary Helen Carey.

Thank you to friends, family and Pittsburgh theater audiences for coming out to this unique, community-devised, live-art performance! You sold out several nights of our 6-night run, gave our community devising ensemble and Mary the thunderous applause that they deserve, and were a part of the joy of experiencing people from all over Pittsburgh come together in celebration of one of their own.

Thank you to every one of you for your laughter, your tears, your wishes for Mary, and most importantly, your presence. Like Mary says: “All you have to do is be there.”

…and thank you to all the publications who wrote about the show!

WESA, Bill O’Driscoll: Unique performance series lets community honor ‘extraordinary ordinary’ Pittsburgher

City Paper, Jordana Rosenfeld: The stars align for RealTime Interventions’ The Constellationist

OnStage Pittsburgh, Sharon Eberson: Review: RealTime’s ‘The Constellationist’ Spotlights a Bright Star of Braddock

Thank you to our Star Shuttle sponsors…

THANK YOU to our generous sponsors ForGood and Partnership for a Caring Community for making FREE RIDES TO THE SHOW possible for the Braddock Community!

and thanks to all our local business sponsors in the playbill!


and finally

a huge THANK YOU to all our audiences.

stay in the know…