What’s new in September for SPORT?

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The Birth of Starball


For September’s Special Back to School Edition of SPORT, the R/TI team is hitting the road!  Visit us on Facebook and our website for interviews, pics and more from our Mobile Sports Unit this month-- and then join us as we head into the Fall Season of Workshops!  And ponder these questions, just in case you run into us in our zebra shirts:  


        What does Sport mean to you?

What should Sport encourage us to practice in this world?  

And if athletes are gladiators fighting for their beliefs...what do you    

    believe in?

Upcoming Fall SPORT Workshops:

Sunday, OCTOBER 2nd12-2 and 2-4, or 12-4

                                            (we can tag you in or out @ halftime)

Sunday, NOVEMBER 6th12-2 and 2-4, or 12-4

Sunday, DECEMBER 4th12-2 and 2-4, or 12-4

RSVP to realtimeinterventions@gmail.org. Let us know what time slot you’d like to attend!

For more information on the SPORT project as a whole, click on our SPORT page, like our Facebook page-- and stay tuned.

“Gas planet

Floating buildings

Royal blue gas

Always twilight

Where the firefly people live. . .

Get to the top of a building

Pride of being the first

Temperature is heat

See the sun.”

-devised text from participants of Sport Workshop I

Above photo: new sport “Heart Attack”, July workshop

Background photo: new sport “Tree Egging”, August workshop