RealTime Interventions Presents…

the birth of paper

by RealTime Interventions

with Milia Ayache 

Beirut partner: Rusted Radishes Beirut Literary & Art Journal

Pittsburgh partners: Handmade ArcadeCity of Asylum and Scribe Fine Papers

thurs-sat, jun 24-26 at 5 PM EST (midnight in Beirut)

sun-tues, jun 27-29 at 1 PM EST (8 PM in Beirut)

“the smell of pine trees. a tiny light. a living letter in a bottle seeks you in a sea of chaos.”

more about the project

Created to personally connect people in Pittsburgh and Beirut, The Birth of Paper begins with a transcontinental letter exchange among strangers and ends with a series of live, virtual shows centering on the mutual transmission of goods and goodwill among potential friends. In the shows, Beirutis living the fallout of the August 4, 2020 Port of Beirut and the ongoing political and economic freefall will receive gifts in real time designed by Pittsburgh makers from Handmade Arcade (Pittsburgh’s largest independent maker community) and independent artists. A celebration of paper, ink, and the postal service as an ancient, global technology of connection. In collaboration with Pittsburgh’s City of Asylum, Handmade Arcade, Scribe Fine Papers, and Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal. 

details for participation

First: connect. From April to June, nearly 30 Beirutis and Pittsburghers will connect via post in an email letter exchange spanning more than 5000 miles.

Then: assemble. Mailings designed to encourage connection between the Paris of Appalachia (Pittsburgh) and the Paris of the Middle East (Beirut), with items created by Pittsburgh makers, will be assembled by volunteers from Pittsburgh’s City of Asylum.

Then: transmit. Beirutis will open these mailings live during a series of virtual performances guided by The Speaker (performer Milia Ayache) in the company of the rest of us, from Pittsburgh and beyond. Your ticket will allow you a part in and access to this transmission of goods and mutual goodwill.

For the first three shows (June 24-26), we’ll meet simultaneously in the afternoon (5 PM EST) & at midnight (in Beirut).

For the last three shows (June 27-29), we’ll meet simultaneously at lunchtime (1 PM EST) & in the evening (8 PM in Beirut).

All shows will take place in a virtual space.

All patrons who buy tickets by Sunday at midnight, June 13, will receive a special handmade item in the mail, to be opened as part of the show. 

When you buy your ticket, please read your confirmation email. It will contain important details about the show.

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